Custom Landscape and Garden Design

Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects and Garden Designers

Western Outdoor a Design and Build Company employs the most talented and experienced landscape designers, landscape architects and garden designers in Southern California. We have transformed backyards from San Diego to Orange County to Riverside County from bare grass lawns to award-winning landscape designs. Our versatile landscape designers sit down with each client to hear their ideas and discuss all the different landscaping options that could compliment their home.

Luxury Custom Koi Ponds and Pondless Water Features

Water features are an excellent way to enhance the ambiance of your outdoors, increase your home value, optimize your home for entertaining guests, and create a stunning backyard focal point you can enjoy for many years to come. Western Outdoor a Design and Build Company can help you understand all of your options and design a water feature to meet your exact wants and needs. Koi ponds and pondless waterfalls are two very popular options in Southern California. Koi ponds possess a unique beauty and can provide entertainment for the entire family.

Custom Outdoor Water Features

Here are a few examples of the beautiful use of urn and water bowl fountains in outdoor design.  The tranquil sounds of the gently flowing water can take you to a whole new level of relaxation.

Take a look at our Design Galleries to get more ideas.

Custom Outdoor Synthetic Grass Contractors

Western Outdoor a Design and Build Company is proud to announce the development of Western Turf- our ever expanding turf department which has now grown into a whole new arm of our business. Homeowners all over San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County are realizing the true value of turf. Synthetic turf, when executed by professionals, can look as beautiful as natural grass, and be absolutely effortless to maintain.

Real grass is costly to keep looking beautiful. It requires water, maintenance, fertilizer-and even when you try your hardest, sometimes your best just isn’t good enough and you are left with an ugly, patchy lawn despite your best efforts. Synthetic turf allows homeowners to have green, flawless grass 365 days a year. In the driest heat of summer and in the wettest months of winter your backyard will be graced with the same green, natural-looking grass, and you will never be plagued by weeds, mud or lawnmowers ever again!