Design Renderings

Design Renderings

Western Outdoor a Design and Build Company

Conceptual Plans

A concept phase is where it all starts. At this phase, we will provide you with either a full color, or a black & white conceptual plan. This is the most important phase of your design process. A beautiful project starts with an amazing concept plan. See below to view some of our Concept Plans.

Elevation & 3D Animated Designs

Creating Elevation plans & 3D Designs are ways we communicate to you. Some of us may need to see the design in a 3D format to understand and grasp the concept. Therefore, designing in 3D is another way for us to translate our designs. See Examples in the video below.

Construction Specification Plans

After the Concept plans are approved, we will create Construction plans for the construction process. Construction plans are necessary for most HOA’s, and to pull city permits. Construction Detail Specification plans may consists of Drain specification & Drain Legend, Lighting Specification & Legend, Elevation Specification Detail Plan, Planting Specification and Planting Legend, Demo Plan, Hardscape Detail Plan, and Landscape Master Plan. These are the plans needed for construction. See examples in the video below.

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